Masterclasses - Film lab

The Secret Behind Israeli TV’s Global Success

The Secret Behind Israeli TV’s Global Success What makes Israeli television formats like In Treatment,

The Next Step – Third Session: Making arthouse films- Komplizen film

The masterclass will focus on the special connection needed between the director and the production

Screenwriting & Directing Masterclass with the renowned filmmaker Kornél Mundruczó

With a Cannes award under his belt, Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó will deliver a masterclass

Editing the New Wave of Romanian Cinema with Editor Dana Bunescu

The renowned editor, who has created films with acclaimed Romanian new wave directors, will deliver

The Beat that Your Heart Skipped | Masterclass with legendary filmmaker- Jacques Audiard

Jacques Audiard began his career as a successful screenwriter and later on became an outstanding

The cinema of Carlos Reygadas | Masterclass with the renowned director Carlos Reygadas

Writer/director -Carlos Reygadas is considered as both a leading voice in contemporary Mexican cinema and

The magic within Filmmaking Masterclass with award winning director/writer/producer-Athina Rachel Tsangari

Tsangari has been a leading force in the new wave of Greek Cinema. While her

The Courage to Make Your First Feature | Masterclass with directors Avi Nesher & Eliran Elya

A dialogue between two gifted Israeli filmmakers whose first films managed to become both critically